Commissions Made simple

Please read these KJCA Terms & Conditions carefully. To go forward with commissioning artwork with KJCA is an agreement to these terms. Any failure to adhere to the payment guidelines stated here can lead to a forfeiture of deposit.

~ From the size/price chart below, choose a size and wrap style for your canvas. Most customers go with the Premium Grade/Gallery Wrap style, which contains an extra thick stretcher bar behind the canvas so that it stands out from the wall, making it presentable to hang without custom framing services being needed.

~ Add the price of the canvas to the price for my work, which is listed for both acrylic and oil color. That price is your total, without shipping charges.

~ Contact KJCA via email or facebook  with your commission request. Please consider that there may be a current waiting list, especially in the months leading up to Christmas, and during tax return season. To join the waiting list, be prepared to pay a deposit. If you have not paid a deposit after our correspondence, then you are not on the waiting list.

~ Deposits: Deposit amounts are decided at the discretion of KJCA. If the subject matter of your commissioned art is something that KJCA deems as sellable to their demographic and established clientele, then the deposit amount required will only be the cost of your canvas, and sometimes an extra few dollars to replenish  supplies that are needed to start your project. If the subject matter is something KJCA does not think they can sell easily should an emergency arise on your end, then the deposit amount is HALF of your project's total price.  Deposits are refundable for 24 hours from the time that they are paid. No exceptions. If there was a waiting list when you ordered your art, you will be notified when your project is about to begin.

~ Final Payment: Please be ready to pay your final payment within 48 hours of your piece's completion. This is very important. It is a good idea to have 100% of the funds set aside for your art when you are ordering it. Failure to pay for your art within the 48 hr time frame may lead to your art being placed up for sale or  for auction, and your deposit forfeited.

~ Dry Time & Shipping : Oil paintings can take upwards of one month to dry completely. Even when a painting is dry to the touch and to they eye, it is still soft and malleable. The packing/shipping materials in the package can leave indentations in the paint. The appropriate time must be waited out, or the art's quality can be compromised. Humidity is the greatest factor. Please be patient and wait for your art to dry. Plan your requests well in advance. November 15th is NOT the time to request an oil painting that needs to be ready for Christmas.
Most paintings are shipped using USPS. Paintings that are 40X30 or larger are shipped with FedEx. Overseas -oversize pieces are shipped with DHL.  Contact KJCA directly with any specifics on shipping. A separate invoice will be made for the payment of shipping/packaging costs.

~ Intellectual Property:  All works of art created by KJCA remain the intellectual property of Kevin J Cooper, and may be reproduced or the likenesses used without notice for the purposes of advertisement or distribution in the form of prints or merchandise. Unauthorized reproduction of any KJCA images without written consent is prohibited.

And that's a wrap! If you are in agreement with these terms, feel free to contact me with your ideas, and we can get started !