KJCA garments are  available in 2 different online marketplaces. Redbubble, and Pixels. This is to provide you with the widest variety of quality products possible, and  at the best price possible. All garments are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed through their respective producers. These two print shops have  provided excellent customer service  and quality merchandise representing my art since 2012, and  continue to add new products periodically that is second to none.
HELPFUL TIPS: Pixels uses both Bella and Canvas brand shirts. Up to 3XL. Check product info on each item for sizing and garment ingredient info.
Redbubble uses a few different brands of Tees, also up to 3XL, which include American Apparel (more for women' sizes) Canvas and Vapor. They fluctuate on uses of these brands without notice based on market price. I have never received  a complaint on the quality of any of them. Redbubble did get into making the new "Classic Tee" as a remedy to their Uni-Sex Tee being too snug for some people. In other words, American Apparel's version of a 2XL is slightly smaller than other brands. So if you are ordering a shirt that needs to be in the 2XL range, it would be safer to order the Classic Tee rather than the Uni-Sex Tee. The only other difference is that Uni Sex Tees are slightly softer fabric. If that's important to you, then just order a Uni Sex Tee one size up. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me, or again just see the price charts for the garments no matter which company you are ordering from.
ANOTHER TIP: There is more women's clothing in my redbubble store than in my Pixels store. Pixels makes shirts for infants, juniors and women. But my Redbubble store is where you will find the dresses, leggings, scarves, mini-skirts, etc.
ONE LAST THING: When on Redubble, ALWAYS SEE THE BANNER UP TOP FOR COUPON CODES. I do not make these codes. They are made at the discretion of redbubble and I simply pass the savings on through social media. This is when I shop for clothing containing my own art.