Greetings! Thank you very much for visiting my new site. This site, if done correctly, will be a one stop shop for all of my creations. From here, you will find direct routes to purchase my art in all of the formats that I make it availalbe. From original works, when can be purchased directly through me, to the prints and other kinds of merchanidise that is displayed in the photo galleries of this site.
A little bit (but not too much) about me. I am a painter living in and working out of the Northeast corner of  Pennsylvania. You would know this region as the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area, or Wyoming Valley. This is the area that I grew up in, and was away from here for 16 years before returning in 2012.

A lot changed  about how we buy, sell and present things to the world since the last time I lived here. Just when the world started to get used to the changes that the internet brought, social media came into existence and really kicked things up. Its because of social media that two years ago I decided to quit my restraurant job (once again) to give "full time artist" another go. 

This is usually when I go over what my inspirations are, list the bands, the festivals, the culture that inspired me to paint, and talk about how it came about that 50% of my work gravitates around musicians. The Grateful Dead, Phish, Marley, Dylan etc.  And the other 50% probably being Spiritual based. Buddhist themes, yoga, some mild Hindu references, even  mideval Celtic pagan and Christian reproductions of The Book of Kells.
But since the inception of this website is part of a New Years Resolution, and one thats being kept, I think I will skip the chapter about my travels and past inspirations, and talk a little about my plans for the near future.
It is a goal of mine to get out on the road, or in the air this year. I would really like to do some [almost] traditonal paingting this year. Different landscapes, and even people-scapes. I'm feeling the need to travel, and I would like to document those travels with some paintings of what I saw, and what inspired me. There will be more news on these travels later in the year. At some point, I will be starting a Indigogo campaign to help raise funds. The incentives for donation will be very rewarding. Original paintings, a mural package, and oodles of prints will be distributed to donators who help with the venture.

About my products:
You will notice that the prints and merchandise featuring my art contain links where they can be bought direct. Those links will lead you to the sites of one of two companies. All of my clothing, bags, pillows, stickers, mugs and some other little things come from When you are there, you will notice that they sell prints for many artists. Please note that you will NOT see my prints made available there. There are a few old designs that I leave there from 3 years ago when I first started working with them, that I leave for random overseas googlers that never contact me, and dont see my posts on social media.  The reason I don't offer prints with Redbubble is not because of quality issues or anything. Its because of the shipping. Redbubble has two locations. Prints and greeting cards come from their Australia offices. The cost of shipping is excruciatingly expensive, and the shipping was taking close to a month to arrive to my US customers. 
Thats when I started digging around and found Fine Art America. FAA does not offer clothing, or many other merchandise items the way Redbubble does. The specialize in prints, and they do an amazing job. They are a wonderful company, with great customer service, and they dont let any shoddy images or mistakes make it past their noses when put to production. Their quality control habits are impeccable. They are also located in NC, so my US customers can enjoy fast, reliable, affordable shipping, and their packages ship within 48 hours of ordering. If you are an overseas customer, have no fear. FAA has offices, in the UK, GER, and a few other spots. They are also in Barcelona, and Brazil, and maybe some others. So if you order from me, your oreder  will be redirected to the closest print shop, and the cost of shipping will rate accordingly, saving you lots of money on shipping.
If you are here to commission a piece of art for yourself or as a gift, then please refer to my "Commissions" button, under the "About Me" button in the menu.
So without any more rambling, thank you once again for checking out my work, and on behalf of ALL artists, thank you for not choosing Home Goods and Wal Mart for the art that brings light to your spaces. Have a wonderful, and positive day, and enjoy the journey through my galleries.
Much love,